Reflections From My Heart

The last two years that I have spent trying to be this down to earth, good person has shown me that nice girls truly finish last and if you give people an inch, they will take a mile. I’m done with that. I learned the hard way that people will believe whatever they choose to believe. I no longer care to clear up the rumors. In fact, I’ll gladly add to it.

Surviving A Year Of Losses

Saying goodbye to 2021 is bittersweet. I’m grateful for the lessons and even the losses. Most of all, I’m thankful I’ve managed to survive! I’m

The Glam Gal

What has Melissa been up to lately?


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About Me

Hola! I’m Melissa Torres and I’m a plus sized lifestyle blogger. My blog promotes body positivity and self-love. My goal is to create a world where a woman can be herself regardless of her size. I want to empower other plus sized women to go out and be the best version of themselves.

I am Southside born and raised and I am proud to be rooted in our unique part of San Antonio, Texas. I am humbled, honored, and excited to share my experiences and expertise for all things plus sized and Southside.

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