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The Anti-Resolutioner

What’s your New Year resolution for 2023? Lose weight? Get in shape? Make more money? Finish your degree? Where do you find yourself in March? Disappointed because your plans didn’t work out? I’ve made many resolutions throughout my lifetime and if I have to be honest, none of them have ever come to pass. I’ve failed each and every time. I find myself guilty and discouraged because between January and March, I lose all of my resolve.

What will make this year any different? I honestly don’t have the answer to that. I know what I want to accomplish and I even know exactly what I need to do. I think its all in perspective and the way in which you make your resolution. It’s super easy to say, “I want to graduate with a degree”. Yes, that is the end goal. Scale down just a bit. What is it precisely that you want to accomplish for the spring semester? Finish (and pass) your science courses. Completely attainable without the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t making resolutions that are farfetched. The problem is in the planning and execution.

In the past I have attended many seminars and workshops where the questions are typically, “what are your short term and long term goals?” Those questions are asked because of the reality of our goals. One of my goals is to become a homeowner. Would it be feasible to make homeownership a resolution for 2023? Here is what I know: my credit is terrible and I don’t have any money saved for a down payment. Would I be able to realistically buy a home this year? Probably not. So now the question lies in whether I want to set myself up for disappointment. That isn’t to say that the goal is unattainable but dissecting the goal and breaking it up into parts may be more realistic. For example, my resolutions could be to save $1000 and begin working on credit repair for 2023. Those smaller, short term goals are much more attainable and realistic. Those small wins would give me a sense of accomplishment as well as getting me closer to the end goal: homeownership.

Really think about your resolutions this year in terms of maps. Which points will you reach first before arriving at the final destination? If you have a long term goal, what short term goals can you accomplish to help you along the way? Set yourself up for success rather than setting yourself up for failure. I am certainly rooting for all your successes this year! Thank you so much for reading.

Con mucho carino,



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